Stats & Info About Gilley & Buzz

Gillandrais - "Gilley"
Born: February 15, 2006
Color:  Black & white tri-color
Height: 22” 
Weight:  48#

Gilley at Purdue University 
I have some!  I went to Purdue University when I was nine weeks old!  I know obedience and got a Canine Good Citizen certificate. I know basic Agility and I LOVE the tunnel, A-frame, tire jump, & dog walk the best.  I  like chasing and catching soft Frisbees a lot too. I learned some herding but I only herd fowl, not sheep because rams and some momma ewes are mean and I don’t like that.  I learned Pet Therapy and my favorite is visiting kids-they play with me and I never get tired no matter how many kids I play with or what we play. I know lots of fun tricks the kids like to see and try to do with me too.  I’m also very good at snuggling. I tried flyball and I was REALLY good at it but my human mom, Chris, said it’s too hard to go to flyball practice because it's kinda far away.   

Gilley getting a ball from his "Score" basket on a bench.
My Hobbies:
  • Anything involving a tennis ball or six.
  • Anything involving a soft Frisbee (aka “ a flyer”).
  • Anything involving a ride in the truck.
  • Anything involving running, jumping and using agility equipment (not to be confused with actually doing agility).
  • Sometimes actually doing Agility.
  • Herding chickens, ducks, geese, [other] dogs and barn cats.
  • Swimming in ponds and wading in creeks.

  •  I really like "swim-herding" - herding the ducks and geese while we're all swimming in the pond! It's a new sport Chris and I invented!
  • Doing pet therapy with little kids and Brian's mom.
  • Going to PetSmart for special stuff.
  • Snuggling under my special blanket that I share with my human mom.
  • Snuggling on the bed that I share with my humans.
  • Playing with my human and dog friends at their farms.
  • Visiting our private dog park down the road to play with other dogs and show off my disk dog and swimming skills.
  • Having my minion (aka Buster, Bus, or Buzz) do my bidding.
  • Long walks with either of my humans and Buzz too.
Sleeping with my Fuzzy-Wuzzy blanket

Buster-"Bus or Buzz"

Born: February 14, 2005 
Color:  Black and white
Height: 23.5” at withers
Weight:  56#

I didn’t get one ‘cuz my first humans didn’t think I need to learn stuff. 

Chris rescued me and she’s taught me lots of stuff.  I know my house manners and manners at other places.  I learned some obedience, but I get sort of self-conscious and anxious so I don’t always do it exactly right, but I try really hard and mostly get stuff right. I know how to play some ball in the house with Gilley and Chris. I know how to walk really well with Brian.  I'm a really good guard dog and I bark big, like I'm a Great Dane.  I am a really good snuggler and like to be really close-on top of Chris in the recliner is good!  I like to go places but I get so anxious that I bark a lot on the ride and Chris reminds me I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself. I learned to get groomed-that means I get cleaned up, brushed and have my toenails done with a Dremel tool.  
Buzz hopped in the kitchen sink for a bath!
baths even tho' I won't swim-it's scary not touching the ground! Chris and Brian have to be very clear about WHO is taking baths because I will hop in the sink or the tub at the mention of the word "bath." I like the nice, warm water and getting a good rub-down so I LOVE a bath. But, I don't like getting my butt brushed-it bugs me, a lot. Chris uses Showsheen for horses on my butt hair so my butt stays tangle-free and she doesn't have to brush it so often. 

Buzz chasing "Tink"
  • Anything involving my friend, Gilley.
  • Anything involving my humans.
  • Anything involving watching “Tink” (a laser light).
  • Keep-Away involving a soft Frisbee (aka “a flyer”).
  • Anything involving a ride in the truck.
  • Wading in creeks and ponds (but not swimming)
  • Going to PetSmart for special stuff.
  • Snuggling anywhere with my humans.
  • Chair warming for my humans.
    Buzz chair warming.
  • Playing with Gilley and my humans.
  • Visiting the private dog park down the road to play-mostly with Gilley.
  • Long walks with Gilley and either of my humans.
  • I recently learned how to play ball in the house with Chris and now I'm a ball-playing man! 
Buzz waiting to PLAY BALL!